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  • Decades of practice, development and know-how related to interior design and interior architecture
  • Long standing relationships with clients and professionals
  • Impressive residential, hospitality and commercial portfolio
  • Designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of decorative home furnishings and private real estate development prior establishing AJI


  • Listens and works intimately with clients to develop a narrative and visual language to create authentic and consistent interiors
  • Integrates function and performance
  • Seasoned business acumen and vibrant energy
  • Collaborates with all owners, architects, trades, operators, builders and investment teams
  • Seeks alternate ways to use and create space while providing interior design and architectural interior services


  • Accustomed to working with large and small, residential and commercial, owners and operators
  • Formulates a distinctive vision sharing images, aspirations and goals with clients
  • Recognizes and respects the importance of function and performance being integral with creative vision
  • Creates and collaborates
  • Responsive, responsible and accountable